Venturi (Fertilizer Injector)

Based on the latest market development, Raj Group is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of excellent quality Venturi Fertilizer Injector. This product is manufactured under the supervision of the professional experts in this field associated with the company to avoid any manufacturing issue and defects in production process.

The Venturi Fertilizer Injector is made out of superior quality raw material sourced from trusted vendors in market. Use of highly developed latest technology is made to match the international quality standards. Based on the exact requirements of the clients this product made available in different sizes as well as market leading rates. The product is Sturdy and comes with durable and flawless finish.

It can be operated using existing water pressure and is perfectly adaptable for all irrigation systems prevailing in the country and abroad. The process of installation is very easy and there is no Moving Parts in it. The product is available at an affordable price.

Operated by existing water pressure

No Moving Parts

Fast and simple operation.

Adaptable to all irrigation systems

High quality materials resistance to chemicals used in agriculture.

Made from specially in Hi quality engineering materials

All fertilizer & chemicals resistance

Low pressure oprating

Easy installations

Maximum Operating pressure 3.0 kg/cm2

Minimum different pressure btn inlet & outlet is 0.50 kg/cm2
Technical Table
Serial No. Pressure (Kg. / cm2) Motive Flow
Litre / hr.
Water Suction
Litre / hr.*
Inlet Outlet
1 0.75 0.25 14740 1005
2 1.00 0.25 16030 1320
3 1.50 0.25 18468 1940
4 2.00 0.25 23320 2599
5 2.50 0.15 24600 2784
6 3.00 0.00 24624 2763
* ± 10% Variation