• Hydrocyclone Filter
Hydrocyclone Filter

Strong dedication and urge of achieving perfection made Raj Group as one of the leading names of the industry engaged in the manufacturing of high quality Hydrocyclone filter. The Hydrocyclone filter is a hydraulic classification device and the Body is made out of reinforced engineering plastic which enhances the durability of the product.

The product is designed using Hydro Dynamically design with the mission to Create Maximum Centrifugal Action. Raj Group is making use of best quality raw materials for the manufacturing of flawless Hydrocyclone which can match up the standard of the industry. Installation of the device can be done in a hassle free manner and maintenance cost is also pretty low.

The product is made available at an affordable price & in different sizes as per specification to match up the need and requirement of different clients. Each unit produced need to pass under strict quality check process.

Body made of reinforced engineering plastic for durability.

Hydro Dynamically Designed To Create Maximum Centrifugal Action.

Dirt Can Be Easily Flushed out Through Drain port.

Collector Chamber Can Be Easily Cleaned By Opening Collector Cover.

Easily Open/Close From Collector Chamber.

Easy to Installation and Low Maintenance.

Stand for Height Increase.

Cone is made of specially designed high wear resistance material, In the Bottom it Avoid wear Due to Strong sand Vortex.
Hydrocyclone Filter
Technical Table
Inlet / Outlet
(Inch / mm)
of Flow
Rate, (m3/hr)
Flow Rate
Max Clean
Pressure Drop
Dimensions (mm) Capacity of
Chamber (litre)
2" / 50 15 - 22 18 0.8 904 766 207 158 418 8 7.6 kg.
2 ½"/ 63 25 - 32 28 0.8 904 766 207 158 418 8 7.8 kg.
3" / 75 35 - 52 43 0.8 978 817 244 220 418 8 9.5 kg.