Raj Plastic

Raj Plastic Products

Main Features

  • Our Valves are manufactured from poly-propylene a chemically inert thermoplastic by exclusive moulding process.
  • Straight flow without pressure drop.
  • Easy opening & closing by quarter turn.
  • Protective from corrosive chemicals.
  • Resistance to most of chemicals.
  • Can be used up to 90 0C.Temprature.
  • Hydraulically/Pneumatically tested upto 200 lbs/sq. inch (10 kg/cm2)
  • Low cost compared to metal valves.
  • Poly-propylene parts are designed and moulded with a very special technique valve body itself with stand as irrigation & Agricultural. Which ensures the safety of the fluid passing through, hence our valves are sturdy.


  • Farms
  • Green house
  • Irrigation System
  • Horticulture & agriculture