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The Raj group has evolved as an organization in a last oneand a half decade. The group started its operations in 1993 as Raj plastics Ind. Then, it dealt with control valve and soon creasted good will for itself by way of producing better performing products. In the span of just couple of years the group was ready for expansion, as it was encouraged by tremendous response from the market. The year 1995 the group started its second unit namely Raj Polymers dealing in Irrigation valve. Since last decade orso, the group has launched a range of valves for irrigation and also polyfitting, Emitters inline & online.

The group (Raj Plastics Ind. & Raj Polymers) to its credit has registered itself with various Indian drip irrigation companies as well as MNCs. Strategic diversification and risk taking ability of the promoters have ensured that the group is remain focused and committed on the growth path.